Public Meeting - Family Health Center Auditorium (1615 Colcord St.)
Thursday September 14, 2017
6:00-7:30 p.m., Presentation at 6:30 p.m.

Public Involvement

Public involvement is a major component of the study. The City of Waco and the project team want to work closely with community members, businesses, stakeholders, and anyone interested in the area. This will help us identify needs and desires for the area and possible improvements.

Public Involvement Goals

  • Provide a transparent and inclusive process for the development of the corridor plan

  • Inform the public of the corridor study and opportunities to participate

  • Collect meaningful input and feedback, and report how the input is incorporated into the findings of the study and ultimate corridor plan

  • Provide multiple and convenient opportunities for participation

  • Incorporate public input into the study to build a project that the public can support

The underlying goal of the Public Involvement Plan is to provide opportunities for a wide range of members of the public to participate in the study and provide input for the development of the ultimate plan for the corridor. Project team members will continuously review participation and modify strategies to increase participation in this process. Below are the initial groups that will be contacted.

  • General public and corridor stakeholders

  • Agencies and governmental entities (such as transportation agencies and local governments)

  • Stakeholder groups such as neighborhood associations, civic groups, and business organizations

  • Environmental Justice Areas and Limited English Proficiency Areas

Public involvement strategies will follow objectives and strategies identified in the City’s Public Participation Plan (PPP).

Corridor Study Schedule

Study Phase Public Involvement Strategies

Existing Conditions and Plan Review
(January - February)

  • Development of Public Involvement Plan

  • Website creation

Alternatives Development
(February - April)

  • Project Workshop – April

  • Stakeholder Meetings

  • Technical Steering Committee Meeting

  • Website updates

  • Email updates

  • Collect comments and input

Illustrative Design
(April - June)

  • Technical Steering Committee Meeting

  • Website updates

  • Email updates

  • Collect comments and input

Corridor Study Documentation and Approval
(July - October)

  • Technical Steering Committee Meeting

  • Final Public Meeting

  • Website updates

  • Public hearing

  • Email updates

  • Collect comments and input

Public Involvement Activities

Project Steering Committee

A Steering Committee consisting of representatives from the responsible City Departments (Public Works, Planning) will be organized to provide the corridor planning efforts with input from their representative perspectives. The committee will also serve as a resource for insight and information regarding infrastructure, land use, and administrative aspects of the project.

Alternatives Development Workshop - April 3 to 6, 2016

Project team members will conduct a 4-day Project Workshop consisting of presentations, work sessions, Task Force meetings, coordination meetings with TxDOT, and meetings with stakeholders. The workshop will provide opportunities to engage with stakeholders and the community and will provide the process for developing alternative design scenarios. The workshop will include one public meeting on April 5 to share products and gather input. At this meeting, attendees can participate in different activities that share project information and collect input (mapping exercises, working through different character elements, etc.), view project materials, and visit with project team members about their specific issues and concerns. Feedback and input will be collected in surveys, discussions, mapping exercises, comment cards and other exercises. The workshop will be held at the Waco Central Public Library.

Meetings with Stakeholders

Project team members will identify stakeholders and community groups along the corridor and those active in the community to offer an opportunity to meet during the Project Workshop or at another scheduled time. These meetings would provide stakeholders with general information about the project and an opportunity to visit about their specific concerns and provide feedback related to potential impacts to their properties and the area.

Project team members will also reach out to community organizations and offer to attend meetings to share information and project updates. These meetings may include groups such as neighborhood associations and chamber meetings.

Public Meetings

The City plans to host one public community meeting, after the April 5 meeting to solicit broad community input on the proposed master plan vision, design concepts, and implementation schedule. After the meeting, a written summary of the meeting will be prepared, and will include the comments received.

Public Hearing

A final presentation of findings and recommendations will be presented to the City Council for adoption. The public will be invited to make final comments prior to policy actions.

Notifications of Community Meetings and Public Hearing

A stakeholder database will be developed and maintained for and throughout the project and will be composed of individuals, groups, and other parties that may be interested in the corridor study. Notifications for the public meetings and other opportunities for participation will be provided to these individuals and groups. Tools that will be used to notify stakeholders and promote the meetings include:

  • Notices or advertisements in local newspaper(s)

  • Email announcements to the database of contacts

  • Meeting announcement signage

  • Announcement on project webpage

  • Phone calls and outreach to neighborhood associations and community groups that can distribute information to their contacts

  • Promotion during meetings with community members and one-on-one stakeholder meetings

Additionally, notifications of meetings will comply with requirements of the Waco City Public Participation Plan including:

  • 2 weeks prior: Post to City Website

  • 2 weeks prior: E-Mail (postcard will be sent if E-Mail is unavailable) to key transportation stakeholders & interested parties

  • 1 week prior: E-mail reminder to key transportation stakeholders & interested parties

  • 1 week prior: post background information to City website (public hearing)

  • 2 Wednesdays prior: Advertise in Tiempo Spanish language newspaper

  • 2 Sundays prior: Advertise in Waco Tribune-Herald

  • 3 days prior: E-Mail (postcard will be sent if E-Mail is unavailable) to key transportation stakeholders & interested parties (public hearing)

  • 3 days prior: Post agenda on bulletin boards of the Waco City Hall & McLennan County Courthouse (public hearing)

  • 3 days prior: Issue Press Release

  • Day of: Issue 2nd Press Release

Outreach Tools

Outreach tools and materials are necessary for sharing information with the public and establishing an understanding of the proposed project. Materials will be created in a concise and easy to understand format and will be updated as new information is available. The following tools and materials may be used to distribute project information.

Project Database

An essential component of the public involvement strategy will be the development of a comprehensive stakeholder database of residents, community and civic organizations, businesses, special interest groups, and other interested parties. Emails will be collected when possible and communication will be logged. The database will be updated throughout the project as new stakeholders are identified.

Project Materials

Project team members will develop project materials to share specific project information, how to participate in the process, and how to submit comments. Information will be represented in an easy to understand format and will include contact information and how to be added to the database to receive email updates. Materials will be updated as the study progresses and be posted on the project webpage and shared at the Public Meetings and Public Hearing.


Surveys may be used to collect input from stakeholders on corridor use and needs, preferences and priorities, and other relevant topics. Surveys will be administered via an online survey tool and will be made available in paper form if needed. Stakeholders will be notified when surveys are available through email updates, website links, and other tools listed in this plan.

Email Updates

Over the course of the project, project team members will prepare and distribute email updates to keep project stakeholders and the general public informed on the project. These updates will be distributed prior to the public meetings and as new information is available. Additional updates will be distributed as needed throughout the course of the project to share information about the progress of the project. The updates will be emailed to contacts in the project database and posted to the project webpage.

Project Updates

Project team members will provide a project website which includes a brief project description, allow presentations to be posted, provide a link to an online survey and provide a comment section for community feedback. Meeting notifications and other information will be posted on the site as warranted.

This website will provide dates, times, and locations of the community meetings, public meetings and the public hearing, as well as any other important updates including past activities and materials. It will also house project information including maps and meeting materials and share information on how to sign up to receive project updates by email.

Media Relations

Project team members will create media releases to share project information and promote awareness and participation in the Plan development process. Media releases will be distributed to announce the meeting dates and additional opportunities for participation as outlined in the City PPP.

Social Media

Social media posts and messages will be developed for distribution through existing social media pages. Messages will be developed to share meeting notices, project updates, and to generate general interest and participation in the project development process. Messages will be shared with cities, community groups, and other community connectors to share with their followers.

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